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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Destination Wedding Fiji

So, you have decided on a destination wedding. There are so many places to choose depending on your budget and amount of time you have to spend. You may want to go to Turtle Island in Fiji an exclusive island  is dedicated to giving guests the vacation of their dreams. They offer the Grand Beach wedding where all of your needs are attended to. Whether you are a newlywed couple, or renewing your vows. This is a perfect location for your dream beach wedding. Turtle Island Once discovered never forgotten.

Maybe you need something closer to home. Florida has many beautiful beaches ready for your beach wedding. Key West Beach Weddings
 Servicing Miami, South Beach, Key Biscayne, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Key West and all of Southern Florida. There is also Sun Kissed Weddings in Florida romantic and affordable beach weddings along the east and west coasts of central Florida. The options are endless. No matter what your budget you can afford a beach wedding. When deciding on what to wear on your feet visit ladybead.com for the best selection of barefoot jewelry on the web. 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Something Blue Wedding Anklet

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue... Here is one way to add something blue to your wedding day. This anklet made with Swarovski Light Blue Pearl and Austrian Crystal perfect touch of blue for the bride. Custom sizes welcome, you can even change the pearl color to white and have them made with light blue crystals. At ladybead.com we make it your choice. Stop by and let us know your perfect color combination.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings or staycation weddings. The only difference is how close are you to your destination? What is your destination? If a beach wedding is what you want there are so many great beaches in the US that are ready to do your beach wedding such as barefoot weddings.net or Key West Weddings. Beach weddings can be an  economical alternitive to a traditional wedding. 

I did a destination wedding because I wanted to make sure I had a Rockin' Honeymoon, and I did and it was the coolest ever. Also because we are an East Coast / West Coast Couple, I am from MA we live in CA how do you make everyone happy, I think you need to be happy first, let everyone take care of themselves. We were married in a Castle in the Western, Highlands of Scotland. While we were their we found out we are Scottish. It was fantastic. Although you do have to prepare for the weather and the bugs. All turned out great. And we had 3 more weeks for our honeymoon and didn't have to catch a plane. This is a pic we took in front of the castle where we were married. A day I will never forget. What a wonderful vacation.

Destination weddings are cool. Visit ladybead.com we carry anklets, barefoot jewelry and more...

Friday, May 15, 2009

What To Wear To Your Beach Wedding

So, you decided on a beach wedding. Great idea. There are so many great beaches both near and far you can really save money on travel if you are near to the beach. You have finally decided which beach to get married at, now what to wear??

First will it be formal or will it be informal. What jewelry should you wear? Now, whether you choose formal or informal should you wear shoes? I have done barefoot jewelry for both formal and informal. We carry many styles that you can choose from. Swarovski Crystals with Sterling Silver very classy for the formal dress or Freshwater Pearls always a classic look. If you prefer simple and sleek we have styles in Sterling Silver, or just silver beads. Prices range from $9.99 to over $100. 

You can dress your entire wedding party with our affordable beach barefoot jewelry, even give them away as wedding favors. All of our jewelry is packaged in a beautiful, reusable, organza bag. Perfect for gift giving. 

Maybe you don't want to be barefoot, we have a selection of wedding anklets to wear with your sandals. They are a fantastic addition to your beach sandals, and they are a great way to add a touch of blue to your destination or staycation wedding. Let us custom make your beach wedding jewelry, there are more than 25 Swarovski Pearls colors to choose from and even more colors of Austrian crystals.

We understand how overwhelming planning a get away wedding is and have worked one on one with many brides to help them match their wedding attire. We are ready when you are, stop by today, you'll be glad you did. We have the largest selection of barefoot jewelry on the web and have been working with brides on the web since 2001. Visit us today at ladybead.com Rose Elliot

Cool Creative Wire Wrap Artist

While surfing Twitter late at night I came across this beautiful pendant. I had to have it. It was created by Matthew Nix a very talented wire wrapping artist. He will even create a custom pendant for you, or if you prefer he also sells DVD's to teach you how to wire wrap.

Quote from his site 

"Wire wrapping is my main passion when it comes to pendant making. I'm not the best and not the worst. I then got into polymer clay and more recently the art of fused glass. I also do photo transfers on several mediums. I dabble in mixed media applications as well. I like to combine different techniques with different mediums to create something unique.

        It took me two years to go full time. I'm proud of the fact I started with nothing and built a successful business. Besides creating... I teach with my kits, tutorials and dvds. I occasionally offer local classes and have found it very rewarding in several aspects. I also sell at a few craft shows throughout the year. Feel free to check out my work, as my site is a testimony of my desire to create and teach others.

"You have to learn how to crawl before you can walk. You have to learn how to walk before you can run. You have to learn how to run to win the race."

-Matthew Nix

Monday, May 11, 2009

Clear Crystal Barefoot Jewelry

Everyone loves Swarovski Crystal, it's brilliance and it's sparkle. For me it is affordable elegance, not everyone can afford diamonds. We make barefoot jewelry with many colors of Swarvoski Crystal the 2 favorites are Clear and Crystal AB, which is short for Aurora Borealis, when you want to add more sparkle with a hint of color. Here is an affordable pair for your beach wedding or special occasion. Visit us online at ladybead.com

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rhinestone Barefoot Jewelry

Brides are always looking for Rhinestone accessories to match their dress, so I created these for a perfect match. I will be making other rhinestone jewelry with these beads as soon as my shipment arrives. You can view the Rhinestone foot jewelry here 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My first ever blog post

Welcome to my blog. I hope you will let me know you have visited and share your links. I hope to be informative and interesting. I have just joined Twitter and met some wonderful people there and I will be their adding information here. As this is my first post, it is right that I mention " The Relentless Bride " as she was the one who inspired me to start a blog.

My first photo is one of my favorite foot jewelry pictures. This is made with Sterling Silver Beads, Austrian Crystals and Swarovski Pearls. View all my products at ladybead.com