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Monday, April 4, 2011

Clear vs ClearAB what is the difference #crystals #blog

I am always being asked what the difference is between a clear crystal and a clear ab crystal. AB is a coating that can be put on any crystal. It is put on one side of the crystal, so depending on the shape of the crystal it can look slightly different. Pictured below are 2 necklaces the top is made with Clear AB crystals and the bottom is made with Clear Crystals. I have also put some loose crystals next to the necklace. With the bicones and the round crystals you can see depending on which way they face  it shows differently, but on the heart crystal because the coating is on the back side you can see the full effect of the ab coating. I hope this clears this up. Thanks for reading... Rose ladybead.com



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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rhinestone Crystal Necklace Earrings

I love creating new necklace / earring sets. These are made with Swarovski Rhinestones and 6mm Austrian Crystal Round Clear Beads and 4mm clear bicone crystals

Here is the same style made with 6mm White Swarovski Pearl, and Swarovski Clear Rhinestones & 4mm White Pearls.  A great match for our Rhinestone barefoot jewels. Visit us at Ladybead

Thanks for visiting, Rose



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Friday, April 1, 2011

New Crystal Hearts From Swarovski

I just got my new crystal hearts from Swarovski! They measure approx 17mm and I bought them in clear and crystal ab. I made them into necklaces with 4mm White Swarovski Pearl and Clear Crystals, and the second picture is done with 4mm crystal ab. What do you think of the new hearts by Swarovski? Coming soon to Ladybead  Thanks for reading. Rose


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