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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#Acupuncture for better Health

Just thought I would post this information as it may help people who have been struggling with pain and their health. I have been fighting infections since my surgery in Sept of 2011. I had given up hope that the Dr's were ever going to be able to make it go away, as antibiotics can help with infections, but if your body doesn't do it's part the infection will just get stronger. My body never got a fever, so it was't doing its part to fight infection.

I finally decided to visit my acupuncturist . She is a 3rd generation acupuncturist from Korea. I first saw her in 2002, I had such bad carpel tunnel I was in pain 24/7 . After 6 treatments I was as good as new.

I am now undergoing treatment for my stomach infection and pain. She prescribed me these herbs, that I drink 2x per day and I am taking acupuncture for the next week. I wish I would have seen her months ago, as I would have been over this by now. I urge anyone who has given up hope of ever feeling healthy again to seek alternative treatment. 


Thanks for reading.... Rose

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